HeartSpeak Lite Course - PRE-LAUNCH SPECIAL

HeartSpeak Lite Course - PRE-LAUNCH SPECIAL

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We don't want you to miss out so...

The PRE-LAUNCH SPECIAL is still on!
(updated 8 Sept)

HeartSpeak Lite is a 4-module course open to all - from the novice or nervous Feeler to the stoic non-Feeler to the emotionally flexible expert Feeler.

We will be launching HeartSpeak Lite in very soon - and from now until then, we will be selling the course at a special pre-launch price of $US 49.00. After the launch, the price will revert to its usual price of $US 149.00 - so take advantage now of this extraordinary special! Since all HeartSpeak courses are guaranteed to please (or your money back), you have nothing to lose!

You will learn what Feelings are and why they are so important. You will be reminded how to Feel - in a safe and fun way. You will be guided through learning the HeartSpeak Lite process - a process which anyone can quickly grasp to neutralize unbridled emotions and extinguish automatic behaviors. You will learn how to use the HeartSpeak Tools - a set of handy tools you can use in the moment to help you get through difficult emotions. You will be amazed at just how good you can feel - immediately!

This is a self-paced, video-based course. Watch each lecture when and wherever it suits you. Re-watch lectures to review concepts and practice skills. Short quizzes will allow you to assess your progress. Learn as quickly or as slowly as you please.

HeartSpeak Lite is a personally empowering process - you do with yourself. You do not need other people for this course (that comes in later courses - like HeartSpeak Level 1!)

Module 1 : Facts about Feelings
   - What are Feelings?
   - Why Feelings are important
   - Emotional Flexibility
   - The Two Minds: Logical Mind & Feeling Mind
   - Learning Feelings
   - Automatic Responses
   - There is a better way

Module 2 : Feeling Feelings
- Can everyone Feel?
   - Rules about Feeling
   - Feelings are just Feelings
   - Beneficial Feelings & Harmful Feelings
   - Practicing Feeling
   - Enhancing your Feeling

Module 3 : The HeartSpeak Lite Process
   - Step-by-Step guide to resolving unresolved Feelings
   - Applying the HeartSpeak Lite process
       - Physical Symptoms
       - Mental / Emotional Symptoms
       - Unwanted Behaviors
   - Tips & Trouble-shooting

Module 4 :  HeartSpeak Tools
   - Tools to use in the moment
   - How and when to use each one
   - Practice applying the Tools
   - Tips & Trouble-shooting