The Oxford Studies - Validating Muscle Testing

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Join Dr Anne Jensen for this course about her groundbreaking research at Oxford University, validating Muscle Response Testing

Dr Anne Jensen completed her DPhil (Ph.D.) at Oxford University studying the accuracy and precision of Muscle Response Testing – with very exciting results!

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Dr Anne will talk about her experiences and outline the methods she used for each of the studies in her series of 6 diagnostic test accuracy studies. She will also clarify what she means by Muscle Response Testing, and describe how it is distinctly different from other forms of manual muscle testing.

This lecture is tailored toward those who may have no background in clinical research – as Dr Jensen uses language that anyone can understand. Whether you are a muscle testing practitioner, an educator, a patient, or just someone that is curious about muscle testing, you will find this course fascinating!

All proceeds from the sale of this course will go toward further validating muscle response testing and techniques that use muscle response testing. Thank you for your support!

You can watch and re-watch as many times as you want.

Course Outline

  • The Evolution of Manual Muscle Testing
  • Muscle Response Testing (MRT)
  • Previous Muscle Testing Research
  • My Ph.D. Research
    • MRT as a diagnostic test
    • Basic Study Design
    • Main Findings
  • Next Steps

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Course Length:
Approximately 3 hours
Course Format:  Online video recording plus notes.

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About Dr Jensen

Taking a holistic, mind-body approach to health and well-being, Dr Jensen is a speaker, clinical researcher, published author and practitioner who specializes in emotional healing and stress reduction. She has a Ph.D. in Evidence-based Healthcare from Oxford University, where she scientifically validated Muscle Response Testing as a useful and accurate test. In addition, from her years of research and clinical experience, she has developed HeartSpeak – a unique and powerful mind-body healing process grounded in neuroscience, affective science and the science of learning and memory. Currently, the focus of both her practice and her research is the impact that emotions have on health and behavior.

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