The DOCTOR is IN - Dr Anne's LIVE Online Office Hours - 20/21 September 2017

The DOCTOR is IN - Dr Anne's LIVE Online Office Hours - 20/21 September 2017

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Join Dr Anne Jensen LIVE for this FREE monthly group session - All welcome


20 September 2017 from 4 pm - 5 pm EDT (New York Time)

(Bookings close 2 hours before the start of the session)

* Scroll down for times in other time zones

Do you just know that something is preventing you from being your true self? HeartSpeak chips away at underlying issues going right to the core of the problem. The applications of HeartSpeak are truly limitless.

In this LIVE group session, Dr Anne will guide you through the HeartSpeak process, helping you clear some of those pesky pernicious emotions. All are welcome - and all topics/concerns/issues are invited.

HeartSpeak can help with?

HeartSpeak is useful for reducing stress. Since stress is known to be related to all kinds of symptoms – physical, mental/emotional, behavioral and social – HeartSpeak can be used for almost any symptom. For example, HeartSpeak has proven to be effective for many physical symptoms such as chronic pain, skin rashes, and digestive disorders, and also for behavior issues, anxiousness and depressed mood, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging, and not reaching your full potential.

Read More: About HeartSpeak

What next?

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  • We will be using the video conferencing platform called Zoom, so it is essential that you download Zoom (install now) on your device.
  • You will receive an email with a Zoom session link least 24 hours before the session starting time.
  • It is recommended that you participate on a desktop or laptop computer (optional) with a working video camera, microphone and speakers/headphones. A computer is likely to give you a better learning experience than devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • It is also recommended that you connect to Wi-Fi to participate, rather than rely on your device’s data. This will also give you a more stable connection.
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    * Course times in other time zones below
    (EDT) US/Canada Eastern Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 4pm-5pm
    (CDT) US/Canada Central Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 3pm-4pm
    (MDT) US/Canada Mountain Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 2pm-3pm
    (PDT) US/Canada Pacific Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 1pm-2pm
    (BST) UK and Ireland Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 9pm-10pm
    (CEST) France and Europe: Wednesday, 20 September @ 10pm-11pm
    (SAST) South African Time: Wednesday, 20 September @ 10pm-11pm
    (AEST) Australia Sydney: Thursday, 21 September @ 6am-7am
    (AEST) Australia Brisbane: Thursday, 21 September @ 6am-7am
    (AWST) Australia Perth: Thursday, 21 September @ 4am-5am
    (NZST) New Zealand: Thursday, 21 September @ 8am-9am

    Contact the organizer on admin@heartspeak.comCheck your SPAM folder if you are waiting for an email from us.

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